Coaching is an ongoing intentional conversation using powerful questions that empowers a person or group to fully live out God's calling. It is available for those who are feeling stuck in their church planting or discipleship efforts, or just desire to see additional growth in ministries.


Coaching supports, encourages, and clarifies the calling, gifting, and unique potential that God has given each person, while operating in the truth that the Holy Spirit is the active agent in guiding and directing our lives.

How an individual thinks, behaves, and lives their life matters not only for them, but also for the people around them and for future generations. Coaching works for the health of each individual to generate and look at their drives, passions, and dreams to help achieve forward movement.

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Teams that are in sync and understand their goals can impact the world. Moving teams from stagnant discussion to goal accomplishing strategists can impact towns, cities, and nations in profound ways. Coaching facilitates the conversations that can lead to impact from the local neighborhood to the other side of the world. The goal of coaching is for, whether in one-time sessions or semi- regular ongoing sessions, teams and groups to gain clarity and confidence as they outline goals and steps to move forward.

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